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With Lovelydays, discover charming, original, inaccessible places and offer yourself the luxury of living as a Londoner or a local in Saint-Tropez for a few days or weeks. That's the Lovelydays promise, and the desire of many travelers who, like you, are starting to avoid the large overpriced impersonal hotels and prefer renting a "home away from home", with the added comfort of a private concierge service.

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Choose a London loft, a villa up above Nice overlooking the sea, an estate in the wine country of Bordeaux or on the coast of Les Landes. Book online or call us. We will be happy to guide you in your search for the right accommodation suited to your tastes.


Feel at ease

Our team members, through their experiences, are all very familiar with the services of 5-Star London hotels and the leading hotels on the Riviera. We are accustomed to meeting every one of our guest's needs with a focus on detail, quality and fit and we would like to propose that you experience this new way of living.